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Translation events in the world

List of conferences within translation, interpreting, LSP, and terminology

NB: This page is updated continuously. To be sure you have the latest version, click Reload in your browser.Uppdateras kontinuerligt. Tacksam för bidrag!
Add your conference to the list! Send an e-mail to Helge.Niska@tolk.su.se 

Uppdaterad 2011-02-24 08:19.

Gamla listor – Past conferences AILA Congress Calendar

jan -jun 2011 jul-dec 2011 2012-2014

Index 2011 – 2014

Februari 2011
28 February – 1 March 2011 Localization Industry Standards Association LISA Open Standards Summit, Charting Standards for the New Decade, Boston, MA, USA

Mars 2011
3-4 March 2011 Translation Careers and Technologies: Convergence Points for the Future, Paris, France
8-10 March 2011 3rd International Conference on Language, Literature & Translation, Meeting the Challenge of a Globalised World, Bahrain
10-11 mars 2011 XXVes Journées de linguistique, Québec, Québec, Canada
11 March 2011 Translation, from One Sex to the Other: Discovering the Feminine and Masculine in Translation, Montréal, QC, Canada
14-15 March 2011 Intratextual Voices in Translation: Concepts, Discourses and Practices, Paris, France
15-16 March 2011 Современная славистика и научное наследие Самуила Борисовича Бернштейна / Modern slavistics and scientific heritage of S. B. Bernstein, Moscow, Russia
16-18 March 2011 Archi-Cultural Translations through the Silkroad, Istanbul, Turkey
17-19 March 2011 Hegemony and Singularities: Orchestrating LSP, Dijon, France
19 March 2011 Multiple Translation Communities in Japan, Kyoto, Japan
24-25 March 2011 III Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description, Barcelona, Spain
24-25 March 2011 4th Nitra Conference on Discourse Studies, Discourse Analysis in a Digital World, Nitra, Slovakia
24-26 March 2011 Second International Conference on Interpreting Quality, Almuñécar, Spain
24-26 March 2011 Meaning, Context & Cognition (MCC 2011), Lodz, Poland
26-29 March 2011 AAAL American Association for Applied Linguistics Conference 2011: In the Changing Contexts of Globalization, Chicago, IL, USA
29-31 March 2011 LSP and Specialized Translation Training, Moscow, Russia
30-31 March 2011 The 15th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation, Leuven, Belgium
30. März – 1. April 2011 Arbeitstagung zur Gesprächsforschung, Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim, Deutschland

April 2011
1 April 2011 General and Specialist Translation/Interpretation: Theory, Methods, Practice, Kyiv, Ukraine
1-2 April 2011 Professional Communication and Translation Studies, Timisoara, Romania
2-4 April 2011 British Association for Slavonic Studies Conference BASEES 2011, Cambridge, United Kingdom
3-4 April 2011 The Traveling Text, Qatar
5-6 April 2011 LTAC Luspio Translation Automation Conference, Rome, Italy
6.-8. April 2011 IV. Symposium Übersetzen und Dolmetschen aus dem Deutschen und ins Deutsche, Salamanca, Spanien
7-8 April 2011 XV International Conference on Translation and Applied Linguistics: Language and Translation Teaching in face-to-face and distance learning, Vic, Spain
7-9 April 2011 Languages at War: policies and practices of language contacts in conflict, International Conference, Imperial War Museum, London, UK
7-9 April 2011 New ICTs, Languages and Humanities: Realities and Perspectives, Béja, Tunisia
7-9 Abril 2011 Jornadas de Línguas Aplicadas, Dar Novos Mundos ao Mundo, Braga, Portugal
7-9 April 2011 3rd International Conference on Corpus Linguistics (CILC11), Valencia, Spain
8-9 April 2011 Monterey Forum 2011, Innovations in Translator, Interpreter and Localizer Education, Monterey, CA, USA
9-12 April 2011 Grammar and Context, New Approaches to the Uralic Languages III, Budapest, Hungary
11-15 April 2011 Macao: 4 Séculos de Lusofonia: Passado, Presente e Futuro, Macao
12-13 April 2011 Exploring the Theories and Approaches Used in South-East Asian Inter-Lingual and Intra-Lingual Translation, Seminar on Translation of South East Asian Languages, Penang, Malaysia
13-14 April 2011 Critical Reception of A Thousands and One Nights, Mafraq, Jordan
13-15 April 2011 Future in the Present: Public Service Interpreting and Translation in the Wild Wired World, 4th International Conference on Public Service Translation and Interpreting & 8th International Meeting on Translation, Alcalá, Spain
13-15 April 2011 PALC Practical Applications in Language and Computers, Łódź, Poland
13-15 April 2011 I-mean 2, Context and Meaning Conference, Bristol, UK
14-15 April 2011 RE-Writing Again, Jendouba, Tunisia
15-16 April 2011 KäTu2011 IX Symposium on Translation and Interpreting, Multidisciplinarity – what is it? Joensuu, Finland
15-17 April 2011 56th Annual Conference, International Linguistic Association, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
18-19 April 2011 Cultural Politics:  Contemporary Visions in Language, Literature and Translation, Al-Alsun, Cairo, Egypt
26-30 April 2011 Dialogue and Representation, 13th International Conference on Dialogue Analysis, Montréal, Québec, Canada
27-29 April 2011 Languages, Literatures and Cultures in Contact, Krakow, Poland
28-29 April 2011 International Conference on Translation and Asian Studies, Hong Kong
29 April – 2 May 2011 Research Models in Translation Studies II, Manchester, UK

Maj 2011
1-3 May 2011 42nd Poznań Linguistic Meeting PLM2011, Poznań, Poland
2-5 May 2011 Conference on Human Language Technology for Development (HLTD 2011), Alexandria, Egypt
4-6 May 2011 2011 AESLA Conference Empiricism and Analytical Tools for Applied Linguistics in the 21st Century, Salamanca, Spain
5-8 May 2011 Interfaces III, Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom
6-7 May 2011 Cultural Spaces: Identity within & beyond borders, Bacau, Romania
7-8 May 2011 Expanding Horizons, Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) Conference 2011, Birmingham, United Kingdom
11 mai 2011 Traduire à quatre mains, Sherbrooke, Canada
11-13 May 2011 NODALIDA 2011 18th Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics, Riga, Latvia
12-14 May 2011 1st International Conference on Translation and Interpreting Studies TRANSLATA 2011, « Translation & Interpreting Research: Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow », Innsbruck, Austria
12-14 May 2011 Metaphor and Communication, Cagliari, Italy
12-14 May 2011 Norm – System – Usage: Modern Codimensioning, „Eugen Coşeriu » 11th International Conference in Language Sciences, Chisinau, Moldova
13 mai 2011 Colloque: traitement automatique des langues naturelles, analyses et applications, Sherbrooke, Canada
13-14 May 2011 New Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies, Tarragona, Spain
16-20 May 2011 Intensive School in Machine Translation, Chelyabinsk, Russia
16-28 May 2011 Nida School of Translation Studies, Misano Adriatico, Italy
17-19 May 2011 Social Action Formats: Conversational Patterns in Embodied Interaction, Oulu, Finland
20-23 May 2011 1st ProZ.com Europe International Conference, Rome, Italy
26-27 May 2011 Hermeneutics and Translation Studies, Cologne, Germany
24-27 maj 2011 Lexikografi i Norden, Lund, Sverige
26-28 May 2011 20th Linguistic Days in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

Juni 2011
1-3 June 2011 Reading(s), Rereading(s) and Translation, 24th Conference of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies (CATS), Fredericton, Canada
2-4 June 2011 13th Annual Conference of the English Department, Bucharest, Romania
6-8 June 2011 4th International Language in the Media Conference, Limerick, Ireland
9-10 juin 2011 Phraseologie Contrastive Français – Allemand, Dijon, France
11-13 June 2011 Only Connect … First ASSE International Conference on British and American Studies, Vlorë, Albania
16-17 June 2011 Stylistics across disciplines, Leiden, The Netherlands
20 June 2011 Second International Symposium for Young Researchers in Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies, Barcelona, Spain
21-22 June 2011 First Internacional T3L Conference: Tradumatica, Translation Technologies, Translation & Localization, Barcelona, Spain
23-24 June 2011 Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (ALAPP), Cardiff, UK
24-25 June 2011 Tennessee Williams in Europe: A Centenary Celebration, 1911-2011, Nancy, France
26-29 June 2011 “Interactions and Interfaces”, Grahamstown, South Africa
27 June – 8 July 2011 Translation Research Summer School UK 2011, Manchester, UK
28-30 June 2011 1st International Conference on Russian Studies, Granada, Spain
29 June – 1 July 2011 4th international Media for All conference, Audiovisual Translation: Taking Stock, London, UK
29 June – 1 July 2011 Cross-Cultural Pragmatics at a Crossroads II: Linguistic and Cultural Representations across Media, Norwich, UK
30 June – 2 July 2011 Sixth Conference on Legal Translation, Court Interpreting and Comparative Legilinguistics (Legal Linguistics), Poznan, Poland
30 June – 2 July 3rd Conference on Language Contact in Times of Globalization, Greifswald, Germany

Juli 2011
3-8 July 2011 IPrA panel: Exploring participants’ orientation in interpreter-mediated interaction, 12th International Pragmatics Conference, Manchester, UK
04.-13.07 2011 SummerTransIV, Sprachenvielfalt in der EU und Translation. Translationstheorie trifft Translationspraxis, Breslau, Polen
5-7 July 2011 AFRILEX@UNAM The 16th Annual International AFRILEX Conference, Windhoek, Namibia
8-10 July 2011 The Fourth Cross-Taiwan Straits Symposium on Translation and Intercultural Communication: Impacts and Perspectives, Hong Kong
11-12 July 2011 Literature and Translation, Melbourne, Australia
11-13 July 2011 6th International Symposium on Politeness, Ankara, Turkey
11-14 July 2011 4th Annual International Conference on Literature, Languages & Linguistics, Athens, Greece
11-14 July 2011 International Association of Forensic Linguistics IAFL Biennial Conference, Birmingham, United Kingdom
15-20 July 2011 Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf RID National Conference, Atlanta, Georgia
18-21 July 2011 Intelligent Linguistic Technologies 2011, Las Vegas, NV, USA
19-21 July 2011 Globalization Through Translation: A Catalyst for Knowledge and Technology Excellence, Shah Alam, Malaysia

Augusti 2011
1-4 August 2011 XIX World Congress of the International Federation of Translators, Bridging Cultures, San Francisco, USA
1-5 August 2011 International Workshop on Lexical Resources, Ljubljana, Slovenia
20-21 August 2011 1st International Conference on Law, Language and Discourse: Multiculturalism, Diversity and Dynamicity, Hong Kong
22 August – 2 September 2011 CETRA 2011 Twenty-third Research Summer School, Leuven, Belgium
23-28 August 2011 Harmony in diversity: language, culture, society, AILA 2011 16th World Congress of Applied Linguistics, Beijing, China
27-31 August 2011 INTERSPEECH 2011, Speech science and technology for real life, Florence, Italy
28-30 August 2011 International Conference on Law, Translation and Culture, Beijing, China

September 2011
8-11 September 2011 44th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, Logroño, Spain
15-17 September 2011 First International Conference on Fictional Translators in Literature and Film, Vienna, Austria
21-23 September 2011 Managing Trust, 3rd International Discourse in Organizations Workshop, Antwerp, Belgium
23-25 September 2011 Translation Forum Russia 2011, St. Petersburg, Russia
28-30 September 2011 GSCL2011 Multilingual Resources and Multilingual Applications, Hamburg, Germany
28-30 septiembre 2011 Encuentro internacional de traductores literarios, Ciudad de México
29-30 September 2011 The Intellectual Silk Road: Adaptation as Cultural Exchange, 6th Annual Association of Adaptation Studies Conference, Yeni Yüzyil University, Istanbul, Turkey
29 September – 1 October 2011 Domestication and Foreignization in Translation Studies, Joensuu, Finland
30 September – 1 October 2011 A Dangerous Liaison? The Effects of Translation and Interpreting Theory on Practice, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Oktober 2011
NEW6-7 October 2011 Translation is the Language of Europe, 3rd international conference on Translation and Interpretation Studies, Vilnius, Lithuania
7-9 October 2011 American Association for Corpus Linguistics AACL2011, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
13-15 October 2011 Coloquio internacional « Historia de la traducción en Hispanoamérica: mediación lingüística y contactos culturales », Barcelona, Spain
14-15 October 2011 Points of View in language and culture, Audiovisual Translation, Krakow, Poland
18-20 October 2011 ELLS 2011 Expanding Horizons in English and Language Literary Studies, Bangkok, Thailand
20-22 October 2011 26th Linguistics Symposium: Language Death, Endangerment, Documentation and Revitalization, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
26-29 October 2011 Annual Conference of the American Translators Association ATA, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
27-29 octobre 2011 XXXVIIe Congrès de la SFLGC, Bordeaux, France
28-29 octobre 2011 Conceptualisations et noeuds de subjectivité en traduction – interprétation, Colloque International, Mons, Belgique
28-30 October 2011 IPCITI 2011 7th International Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting, Edinburgh, Scotland

November 2011
3-4 November 2011 2011 NTUT International Conference on Applied Linguistics, Taipei, Taiwan
10-12 November 2011 Electronic lexicography in the 21st century: new applications for new users (eLEX2011), Bled, Slovenia
11-13 November 2011 International Roundtables for the Semiotics of Law IRSL Brazil, Niterói/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
16-18 November 2011 The Low Countries Conference 2011: Translation and National Images, Antwerp & Amsterdam
17-19 November 2011 Text-Process-Text: Questions in Process Oriented Research on Translation and Interpreting, Stockholm, Sweden
30 November – 2 December 2011 ALAA-ALANZ 2011 Applied Linguistics as a Meeting Place, Canberra, Australia

December 2011
12-13 December 2011 Translating Fictional Dialogue for Children, Barcelona, Spain
15-16 December 2011 French as lingua franca in the Low Countries during the long nineteenth century (1800-1914), Cases of histoire croisée and transnational cultural transfer, Brussels, Belgium
16-17 December 2011 Common Sense in Translation and (Technical) Writing, Brest, France

Maj 2012
3-5 May 2012 MMDT2012 MultiMeDialecTrans 2012, Turku, Finland
17-19 May 2012 Non-Professional Interpreting and Translation, Forlì, Italy
End of May (dates t.b.a.) 2012 CATS Canadian Association for Translation Studies Colloque de 2012, Waterloo, Canada

Juni 2012
27-29 June 2012 Integrating Semiotic Resources in Communication and Creativity, Fifth International Conference on Language, Culture and Mind,Lisbon, Portugal

Juli 2012
24-27 July 2012 International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS), Belfast, UK

Augusti 2012
7-11 August 2012 European Association for Lexicography Euralex 2012, Oslo, Norway

Oktober 2012
24-27 October 2012 Annual Conference of the American Translators Association ATA, San Diego, California, USA

Maj 2013
End of May (dates t.b.a.) 2013, Translation and Sciences, CATS Canadian Association for Translation Studies Conference, Victoria, BC

November 2013
6-9 November 2013 Annual Conference of the American Translators Association ATA, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Maj 2014
End of May 2014 (dates t.b.a.) CATS Canadian Association for Translation Studies, St. Catharine’s, ON

November 2014
5-8 November 2014 Annual Conference of the American Translators Association ATA, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Source : http://www2.tolk.su.se/konfindx.html

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