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Sera in New Zealand: A long journey

New Zealand is a fascinating country to visit. Landscapes, wildlife and tormented history create a unique blend that really make a nation apart.
Having seen this kind of video about New Zealand, I couldn’t wait to go to see it with my eyes!!! After a journey long up to 34 hours, I am ready to discover the other side of the earth: New Zealand!

First of all, let’s talk about the flight. I highly recommend to fly on a Airbus A380 which is, in my opinion, the most comfortable airplane ever for long journeys. To go in New Zealand, only two air companies use the A380: Emirates and Singapore Airlines. I have choosen to fly with Emirates.





The airplane is equipped in external cameras that offer to passengers to see the landing as they were with the Pilot.





My flight from Paris included three stops, the first in Dubai city. I love the United Arab Emirates for their ability to innovate, for the  organization, the beauty, the safety and the luxury everywhere. I discovered this country few years ago, as tourist. I was happy to see again Dubaï, the most cosmopolite city in the world.

Baby strollers at the Dubaï’s airport


Showers at the Dubaï’s Airport


Christmas Three at the Dubaï’s Airport


The biggest croissants ever seen, at the Dubaï’s airport


Airbus A380



Airbus A380


The second stop was in Melbourne, Australia. Here again, it was my second experience in Australia and in Melbourne.

Melbourne (Australia) Airport




I was finally arriving in New Zealand, but the journey was not finish, as I would had to take another flight to reach the North of the island.

Landing in Auckland, New Zealand





The airplane that took me to Kerikeri is the smallest I have never seen before: only 30 seats and 1 hostess! I wondered if she was also the pilot.

The duration of the flight from Auckland to Bay of Islands is 45 minutes.

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