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Sera in New Zealand: TE PA KAINGA O REWA – REWA’S VILLAGE The Maori



My trip in New Zealand continues with a visit at the Te Pa Kainga o Rewa, which is a replica of a Maori Fishing Village, including Gardens & Native Plant Garden. Rewa’s Village is a full scale replica of a pre – European Maori fishing village, where you can listent to the tranquil waters of « Te Awa o Nga Rangatira » river and enjoy the picturesque surrounding of the Kerikeri Basin. Rewa’s Villages sits in one of the most important historical sites in New Zealand for Maori an early European settlement.  


Traditional plant used by the Maori


Sera in New Zealand: Cape Reinga & Ninety Mile beach

Cape Reinga

The Historic Cape Reinga Lighthouse built in 1941 marks the extreme north-western point of New Zealand. Take a day for this outing, book an organized tour along 90 mile beach to Cape Reinga and the Lighthouse, toboggan down giant sand dunes on the way, or experience the isolation and the widerness with the drive along 90 mile beach, travel alongside Auporuri forest, which runs parallel to Ninety Mile Beach. Enjoy the walkway from the carpark to where the Lighthouse perches atop a steep headland looking out to where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet.


The meeting point


The Lighthouse

Ninety Mile Beach

Ninety-Mile Beach is the fabled strip of sand that stretches from Ahipara to Scott  Point, five kilometres south of Cape Maria van Diemen. Truth be told, it is actually 88 kilometres long.

Ninety-Mile Beach is officially a highway, but is really only suitable for 4WD vehicles and is safe to drive only at specific times of the tides. Rental companies won’t allow their cars on the sand, mostly for safety reasons. The easy way to drive along the beach is to catch a coach tour from Kaitaia. If you are short of time in Northland and staying in the Bay of Islands, coach tours and scenic flights up to Cape Reinga depart from Paihia daily.

Beach activities range from surfcasting and swimming to bodyboarding down the sand dunes. A special treat is digging for tuatua (a native shellfish) in the sand at low tide. Flanking the beach is the Aupouri Forest, which provides a green escape from the hot sun.

Once a year in late February or early March, 90 Mile Beach hosts a five day fishing competition. Hundreds of anglers surf cast from the beach hoping to catch the biggest snapper, a delicious white-flesh fish found in New Zealand waters.

Here it is common to see wild horses on the beach and around in the countryside.

Sera in New Zealand: Opononi

Discovering Opononi

Opononi and its twin settlement Omapere provide a slice of beachside living in the heart of the Hokianga Harbour. You’ll find a choice of places to stay, from motels and resort-style beachfront units to private holiday cottages that can be rented for almost any duration.

Must do in Opononi

Opononi offers you a white sand beach stretches all the way to Opononi Wharf, where you can catch a water taxi to the giant sand dunes on the other side of the harbour. Dune surfing on boogie boards is a thrill that leaves you sandy but extremely satisfied.

If you like fishing, fishing trips can also be arranged at the wharf.

Arriving in Opononi


Did you know? Opononi was made famous in the mid 1950s by the tame dolphin Opo, who used to let children ride on his back.


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Sera in New Zealand: North Island Sand Dunes

Discovering North Island Sand Dunes


Did you know the New Zealand’s desert? Do you dare to DO THE DUNES?
The Giant Te paki Sand Dunes merge with the infamous 90 mile beach. These beautiful giant sand mountains will definitely get euphoria pumping through your veins as you take on the steep slopes, but don’t freak, there are dunes of all sizes to suit your level of thrill capacity. 
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Sera in New Zealand: Waitangy, the Museum

Waitangy Museum

Waitangi is one of New Zealand’s most significant historic sites. Here was signed, in 1840, the treaty between Maori and the British.


British approach was not friendly

One must have visit Waitangy to learn all about Maori culture and the early history of New Zealand.


First voices – Putatara



First conversations





Maori were not really happy




The signatures on the treaty

The Maori’s signatures are funny and touching… They were no able to write and in fact, they were not really aware of what they were signing for.


The newest addition to the Waitangi treaty Grounds is the Museum of Waitangi, opened in February 2016. The Museum aims to enhance the Waitangi Treaty grounds experience by introducing the story of the area and its people through high quality exhibition and learning spaces.



IMG_7705Significant taonga (treasures) associated with Waitangi are currently scattered through New Zealand, and the brand new secure, climate-controlled building ensure a safe heaven for their return at home.






The awakening


The British apologyzes – too late…

Waitangy, Bay of Islands, March 2016

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Go back to the starting of my trip in New Zealand here